Top Features of Smart Waste Bins

In large cities, a vast volume of waste is generated every year. Managing all this waste is expensive, time-consuming and difficult. Smart waste bins are an innovative and smart waste solutions that makes waste management easier and more efficient. An intelligent waste management system is configured with a wireless ultrasonic sensor that can detect the fill level and notify the waste management department. 

IoT Controller

A sensor is embedded inside the smart waste bins that identify through IoT, whether the bin is going to be full soon or not. This smart solution allows collect waste at the right time and helps avoid overflow of waste. 

Cloud-based Monitoring System

Through this system, the staff in waste collection services can monitor the condition of waste bins on connected devices. When the sensor collects data about the bins, it is sent to the monitoring platforms. So, people in the department get notified immediately if the bins get ready to be emptied. This feature enables the staff to accomplish the task quickly.

Route Optimisation

Not only the fill level, but the IoT enabled sensors in waste bins can also identify the location and send data to the sanitation department. The technology provides an interface to the users so that they can discover the locations immediately and collect waste. Once the route is optimised, a lot of time and cost for fuel is saved. 

Solar-powered Compactor System

Smart waste bins are often configured with solar-powered compactors. This system is also useful, especially for the locations, where waste is produced in higher volume. The trash compactor gets activated at a pre-set level and allows the bin to hold a lot more waste. With this feature, overflowing of waste can be avoided. 

Additional Features

Intelligent safety sensors are often included to ensure safety by stopping compaction if a hand is detected. It also sends alert to the monitoring platform, when the fire is detected. Also, an optional cigarette butt compartment is available in the smart bins.

With the implementation of technology in waste collection, the overall collection system has become more efficient and the cost is minimised.