CBD Crystals

CBD (cannabidiol) crystal is a useful product, especially for those who do not prefer to use THC. CBD crystal is the molecule extracted from a hemp plant with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. One thing about CBD crystals is that it doesn’t have the psychotropic impacts like the one associated with THC. That is why they are perfectly legal. Additionally, you can get the product without a prescription from a certified medical officer.

Ways of Using the Product

There are several ways to consume CBD crystals, depending on your preferences. You can have them underneath your tongue, smoke or incorporate them into your diet. Below are ways you can use the product properly.

Put them Under the Tongue

You can use CBD by putting it under the tongue and letting it melt. It is the simplest method of consuming CBD crystal. You can consume it four times at most in a day, and you need to start with small 3 mg doses. This method doesn’t need any special preparation, which is why it is endorsed for personal use.

Through Smoking

Take a small bong or a pipe if you want to smoke the product. Then put the amount of CBD crystals you want to smoke, then mix it with anything you want to smoke with. Even though it’s one of the simplest ways, it’s harmful to your lungs.


Cannabidiol can be cooked with any recipe, from cookies to quiches. At first, you need to mix the crystals with one of these oils, butter, olive or coconut, then have them melt in a double boiler. The last step is all about mixing it with your meals. After1 or 2 hours, you will start to experience the effect of the crystals.