Stainless steel deburring machine

As an owner of a company in the stainless steel industry, you certainly are confronted with the major burr problems in your machine parts. They maintenance of your machines will probably cost you a lot of time and money. However, not any more. The company “Q-fin” is frontrunner in the deburring, grinding and rounding of stainless steel components. They are working continuously on the further development of the highest quality machines and gathering technical data. This is why they are able to extend their level of knowledge further and further are able to offer you the best quality stainless steel deburring machine available.

Ensure the best quality for edge rounding

The Q-fin company have the ‘Q-edge’ standard for edge rounding. The product quality is so amazingly high, Q-fin is able to ensure all the edges holes and openings, both big and small ones are provided with a smooth consistent radius. This is a whole new concept for deburring machines launched by the Q-fin company. If you are looking for a reliable , flexible  and high quality service and products, please contact the Q-fin team. They are happy to answer all your questions about their high standard products and give you the professional advices you need.