pallet inverter machine

Pallet Inverter Machine: Definition and usage

Pallet Inverter Machine: Definition

A pallet inverter is an industrial machine used to turn over pallets while still loaded with other commodities. There are several reasons for turning over pallets, but the main one is to enable one to replace a broken pallet without having to unpack a whole load of goods. It is a machine used in various industries, some using it to turn the products and settle their contents. One can control it by pushing a button or pulling a lever attached to it, hence providing efficiency in work. A pallet inverter can rotate through 90 degrees, making it easy to transfer and turn pallets. The perfect example of a pallet inverter is the Easy-Tipper.


Uses of Pallet Inverter

With a pallet inverter machine, retrieval and replacement of damaged pallets become easier. You won’t need to struggle with large pallet-based products due to ease in tipping and even tilting such products. Tilting and moving such items on a manual basis may lead to injury and damage. Using a pallet inverter in this case, therefore, helps reduce such risks in the workplace. The machine ensures safety, efficiency, and smoothness in working with pallet products. The pallet inverter can be structured into production lines or utilized as a stand-alone product.